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In-land Trucking

  • Container Trailer Service

We understand various kinds of cargo types and conditions. Therefore, we offer best trucking service of general container including special container (F/R, O/T, Reefer). We deliver containers quickly and precisely to the requested destination.

  • LCL Cargo Truck Service

We always hold equipment and human resources necessary for all kinds of cargo. Since we have accumulated our own know-how about trucking assignment considering time, distance and consolidation, we offer practical delivery system and reasonable price about LCL.

  • Bulk & Special Cargo Truck Service (oversize, project, dangerous, frozen cargo, etc.)

We collaborate shipping line and airline by prior arrangement when we load and discharge the refrigerated/frozen cargo. Employees who’ve been specialized in inland transportation handle the cargo at firsthand. Therefore, we guarantee the safety of cargo and preventing unnecessary expenditures.

  • Rail Service

We use railway method in accordance with the property of cargo. Cargos are delivered to Busan through our partnership of railway CY and ICD.

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