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We TOTAL WORLD SEA & AIR, a leading forwarder in Korea, are looking for a new global partner to make each other a big leap.

We have been providing the best reliable import and export logistics service for more than 20 years – especially throughout China and South East Asian countries. Please contact us if you consider entering Korean market!


As a Korean forwarding partner, from handling your cargo to supporting your business in Korea and China, we will provide you a comprehensive logistics service.

We are specialized in...


Local cost estimate

Our local experts are always ready for your cost estimate.


We provide the best logistics information service especially in Korea and China.


Shipper contact

From shipper contact to shipment schedule check... Leave it all up to us.


Safe remittance

Easy and safe with high credibility.

We are here with over 20 years of experience.

Logistics information

Do you need an estimate of logistics charge in Southeast Asia such as Busan, Shanghai or Hong Kong?


If you leave an inquiry to TWSA, we will quickly provide you with the best local logistics cost.

Are you worried that the cargo sent to Korea will be changed due to unexpected local issues?


Let us be your eyes and ears. If you are curious about major issues in Korea, China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries, please leave an inquiry to TWSA.


We will share accurate local information quickly.

Is it difficult to contact the shipper or consignee in Korea and China directly?


If you leave a detailed information on TWSA, we will quickly check the shipping schedule as well as contacting the shipper and consignee through the logistics cluster network in Korea and China.

Freight settlement will proceed once the shipment is completed through TWSA's forwarding partner service.

Also, it will be charged exactly according to the estimated cost provided at the beginning.


And there is no additional charge for the inaccurate reason of delay or negotiation problem.

Fill in the blanks to get in touch.
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