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Air Freight

  • On-time Reliable Air Freight Service

From express courier and hand deliveries to heavy lift and air charter, we offer the complete door-to-door air freight service across both import and export.

  • Export Process

 Freight offers a wide range of air cargo services; low-cost, consolidated, and express or air charter, to handle specific needs. One of our services will certainly fit your air transportation requirements. We operate numerous departure consolidations worldwide, this offer can be the most cost effective option in order to lower your direct costs and maintain regular service between the major worldwide destinations in the world to better satisfy your customers.

For destinations that are not served by our consolidations, we offer direct regular freight cargo service between all airports in the world, with various levels of service: economic, regular or express. For your cargo requiring aircrafts with specific equipment, such as cargo, urgent oversized cargo, or extremely urgent JIT deliveries, the aircraft catering the service is what you need.

For your cargo needs that are less urgent, but still cannot wait the sea freight transit time, our sea air cargo might be the right option.

Contact us now, it will be our pleasure to assess your air freight transportation needs and identify the best solution for you.

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