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When you want to import or export something, you must need a ship or an aircraft. And you must get an admission of importing or exporting the goods from both countries. You also have to arrange transportation such as road drivers, truckers, ...

This seems too complicated and not fun at all - especially when you don't know much about the whole process. These are what freight forwarders do for you.

What is Freight Forwarder?

Once the import and export trade contract is made, we need a forwarder for cargo transportation. Forwarders are also called freight forwarders and also known as transporters and carriers as handling freight in trade.

We forwarders arrange all related overall tasks until we take the cargo and deliver them to the consignee. We largely arrange tasks such as pickup service, warehousing, shipping, in-land transportation, freight insurance, storage and delivery.

Forwarder Types

'Actual Carrier' acts as a complex carrier by owning the ship, aircraft, train, and truck directly. It mainly refers to truck companies, railway companies, shipping companies, airlines, etc.

'Contract Carrier' does not have a ship, an aircraft, a train, a truck, etc. but acts as a carrier fulfilling its functions and responsibilities as a carrier, like an actual carrier.

'N.V.O.C' is the Non Vessel Operation Common Carrier, which was first enacted by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FMC) in 1963. It became a certification for forwarders.


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